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FootieManager - The Online Football Manager Game

Welcome to FootieManager, the online football manager game where you take control of a football club and compete against other managers from all over the world in your bid for the domestic championship and international cup glory.

As a football manager, you have full control over your club including managing the club finances, wheeling and dealing in the transfer markets, managing club staff and a myriad of other options that will challenge even the best budding football managers.

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8 mins ago:Brighton listed Wes Summerbell for transfer
10 mins ago:Mansfield hired a new youth
10 mins ago:Borussia Mönchengladbach re-signed Youri Yanovski on a new 3 year contract.
11 mins ago:Brighton listed Wes Summerbell for transfer
12 mins ago:Borussia Mönchengladbach re-signed Sieme de Koning on a new 3 year contract.
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Puts all other management games to shame....this game is absolutly wonderful!!!!!

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